New Year Resolutions 2013

Tomorrow is 2013 already and we still survive!! Yay! Overall, 2012 didn’t treat me nice. Yes, I had a lot of experiences, memories about 2012. I am a changed man after gone through all those, I guess. However, I am still at the same status. I still don’t have a clear direction for my career path, I am still single. Anyway, 2012 is ending and tomorrow is 2013. Its time to set new year resolutions for 2013.

  • There are several gadgets that I want to own in 2013. The most important one will be a new phone. I can’t wait to see what new phone models are going to announce on Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2013 and Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February 2013. Really exciting to see 2013 flagships from HTC, Samsung, Sony, Motorola and Apple other brands. 2013 will be another jump of specifications. What I can expect is a 12MP camera and resolution of 1920 x 1080p. These two specs are likely to be a must-have for new phone in 2013.


  • Next, I would like to buy myself a tablet. Perhaps a mini tablet (7~8 inch) will do. I shall get a Nexus 7. Its not new, it was announced back in July and further increase storage in October. A great mini tablet still. The reason why I prefer mini tablet over a normal size tablet (10 inch) is the mobility of it. It is smaller and lighter so I can carry it most time just like the picture below.

Google_Nexus_7_in_hand nexus-7

  • Next, I would like to buy a lens for my camera, a prime lens this time. My camera, Canon EOS 650D is the first to have auto focus during video shooting. It works in all lenses however it will have a loud sound when it perform auto focus. This is because this is a new technology so previous lenses didn’t cover this feature. Canon announced a lens with STM (Stepping Motor), a new autofocus technology claimed by Canon “to smoothly and silently focus” and “achieve continuous AF while recording video” when used with the 650D. The lens I want to buy is Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM. As you can see from the picture below, its a slim compact lens, it is also known as the “Pancake” lens.


  • I would like to enroll for Culinary Art courses. I am interested in culinary art and baking. I believe most of my close friends knew about it. If you didn’t know till now, I am sorry to say that you are not my close friend. My goal is to own a restaurant. Hopefully I am able to find part time courses so that I can continue working why pursuing for my interest. If you know any, please let me know, preferably Subang Jaya or Petaling Jaya areas.

sticky-rice-10-2_0 Food-and-Wine

  • Next, I would like to go travel in 2013. In fact, I am heading to Taiwan (again) in April 2013 (NO, that is not cheating). This will be my second visit to Taiwan after November 2011. I should start planning now so that I have sufficient time to invite kaki(s) and get cheap flight tickets. I have been wanting to go backpacking since primary. My cousin who is working in London, an experienced backpacker suggested me to start from country that is near. I guess in my case will be South East Asia. I shall make a trip for 2 weeks maybe to SEA countries that I have not been to. That includes Philippine, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Combodia, Laos. Basically every where else besides Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. And Australia although they claimed they are not Asia, I think. Oh Brunei, I am skipping it. LOL


  • I need a new job. Yes, resigning again. Time to apply for jobs and go for interviews. Still remember when I first graduate, I was very scare to do sales so I went to join an event company where I work long hours without getting pay. I do not have own personal time. I don’t want a life like this shit. So I quit and went for a sales related job. Why do I say sales related? Because it is not exactly the sales you are thinking, there isn’t commissions for me, only incentives. In other words, I get more business or less doesn’t affect my pay. This is bad, make people less not motivated. My next aim is to get a sales job with low basic pay and commissions. Yes, I also scare that I am not able to hit the target and getting low pay as well but I think I should give a try. Try it while I still can afford taking risk. 😀
  • Climb a mountain. Broga hill maybe? Have been hearing a lot from people, never been there before. In fact, I wanted to go and see the first sunrise in 2013 from Broga Hill. Unfortunately, no one is with me. I shall do a research, do a proposal before present it to my friends.


  • Get a girlfriend. Of course. A soulmate. Have been single for 5 years. More than enough! I am picky, yes I know. That’s who I am.  Its not a good thing, will be try to be less picky. Try. I promise I am gonna try and just try k? #rofl


  • I hope that I can meet more people, make more friends, expand my social circle. We can rely on family when we are home but when we are out, we need friends need contacts. Friends are all we got. Not just to have more activities but also in career life. We might need help from each other in future, who knows, right? Although many friends is good, I still hope to have more “quality” friends ^^  I am one concern more of quality over quantity.
  • Lastly I need to exercise more to build up my muscle and burn fats. I aim to clear off my tummy and keep my body in good condition. Lack of exercise make me tired and no energy most time.


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